Lemann Foundation

Quality education for all Brazilian children
Leaders focused on Brazil's social development

We develop and support innovative educational projects. We conduct studies to support public policies. We offer training to education professionals to improve leadership in several areas.

Founded in 2002 by Jorge Paulo Lemann, the Lemann Foundation is a non-for-profit family organization. Through our initiatives and actions we seek to contribute so that by 2018 Brazil will have high-quality innovative solutions in the educational life of 30 million people; 200,000 more teachers able to guarantee the learning of all students; a clear standard of high expectations about what all students are required to learn and 65 leaders promoting and accelerating high-impact social transformations.

Our team

A team of professionals who are engaged and committed with Brazilian education

Jorge Paulo Lemann – Chairman
Paulo Lemann
Prof. Dr. Peter Nobel
Susanna Lemann
Peter Graber

Secretary to the Board
Dr. Christoph Peter

Denis Mizne – CEO
Camila Pereira - projects director
Flavia Goulart - projects director
Ana Catarina Pinheiro - communications manager
Anna Laura Schmidt - projects manager
Daniela Caldeirinha - projects manager
Ernesto Faria - projects manager
Felipe Proto - management and human resources manager
Guilherme Antunes - projects manager
Lara Alcadipani - communications manager
Camila Lacerda - communications coordinator
David Boyd - projects coordinator
Elke Klaassen - projects coordinator
Felipe Michel Braga - projects coordinator
Fernanda Patriota - projects coordinator
Gabryel Ferrari - projects coordinator
Helena Velloso - projects coordinator
Julia Tami - projects coordinator
Juliana Cavalcante - projects coordinator
Lucas Rocha - projects coordinator
Renata Oliveira de Souza Leal - projects coordinator
Roberta Loboda - projects coordinator
Stefanie Ferracciu - human resources coordinator
Fernando Paiva - data and analysis specialist
Claudio Azzi - trainee
Isadora Caiuby - trainee
Neimy Escobar - trainee
Victoria Giroto - trainee
Carlos Uehara - projects analyst
Caroline Arede - projects analyst
Erika Nascimento - projects analyst
Henrique Pimentel - projects analyst
Gabriela Néspoli - projects analyst
Guilherme Barros - projects analyst
Leonardo Correia - projects analyst
Leonardo Rosa - projects analyst
Leticia Sakata - communications analyst
Lucas Cardoso Santos - projects analyst
Mariana Fontoura - projects analyst
Marina Ribeiro - human resources analyst
Rafael Pontuschka - projects analyst
Patricia Prante - projects analyst
Priscila Silvério - communications analyst
Samuel Holanda - projects analyst
Tiago Maluta - projects analyst
Michelle Oliveira - executive assistant
Caliane Rocha - assistant
Dyane Ferreira - assistant
Emillin Alencar - intern
Erik Takara - intern
Jessica Oliveira - intern
Luciana Elmais - intern
Marina Calife - intern
Pedro Cimionatto - intern

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