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High quality education for all Brazilian children
Leaders focused on the country's social development

Lemann Foundation, a non-profit family organization founded in 2002 by Jorge Paulo Lemann, works to ensure that all Brazilian children have high quality public education and to create a network of talented people dedicated to solving the main Brazilian social problems. To achieve this goal, Lemann Foundation develops programs that impact millions of public school students throughout Brazil and supports institutions of excellence that work for a fairer and more developed country.

In 2014, we inaugurated a five-year strategic plan with goals that sought to contemplate Brazilian social challenges, taking into account the country's size and the diversity it offers. In the years that followed we prioritized converging strategies capable of delivering significant results at scale and with quality.

Since 2014...

- 40 million people have used the edtech solutions we support

- 26,000 teachers and educational managers have been trained by our programs

- 388 people have been supported by our Lemann Fellowship and Talentos da Educação (Education Talents) programs and networks

- We have fulfilled the role of Executive Secretary of Movimento pela Base Nacional Comum (National Learning Standards Movement), supporting the development of the national learning standards document which was delivered by the Ministry of Education to the National Education Council in 2017

- We have supported over 60 institutions that are also committed to improve public education in Brazil and to train the country's future social leaders

Partnerships towards a transformed Brazil

We know the dream of a fairer and more developed country is a big one. Therefore, we believe partnerships with institutions of excellence that share this vision are essential to achieve it. In the last years, we have had the privilege of joining forces with partners who have the same ambition and drive to work towards this dream.



In 2017, the Lemann Foundation and Google announced a project to create over six thousand digital lesson plans, videos and other materials to help teachers provide richer learning experiences for their students. This will be the first set of pedagogical resources aligned with the National Learning Standards being developed by the Ministry of Education, which specify what each and every student has the right to learn. Under the leadership of the Nova Escola Association, which is maintained by the Lemann Foundation, the materials will be developed by teachers from all over the country and will include tips and guidance for their incorporation into the classroom, thus reducing the challenges of preparing high-quality classes.

Omidyar Network
Omidyar Network, one of the leading investors in education technology in emerging markets, including Brazil, has partnered with the Lemann Foundation to identify, seed and expand digital tools for the successful implementation of the National Learning Standards This partnership will look especially inside of Brazil for the best digital solutions for interventions necessary to successfully implement the standards.

World Bank and State of Ceará
In 2015, Lemann Foundation's Gestão de Sala de Aula (Classroom Management) program was implemented in public schools in the state of Ceará through a partnership with its government. In 2016, the World Bank assessed its impact in 150 schools and observed positive results: teachers in those schools increased their pedagogical instruction time by 10% (59 hours). The program cost US$2,40 per student - according to the World Bank, it is one of the best cost-benefit indexes reported in world economics literature when compared to other developing countries.

High-end universities
Through the Lemann Fellowship Program, we support the training of young leaders in eight top universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Thanks to Lemann Foundation scholarships, more than 300 people have been able to attend undergraduate and graduate programs in Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Stanford, UCLA, UIUC and Yale.  All Lemann Fellows are committed to returning to Brazil to develop social impact projects. These partnerships also resulted in the creation and support of Brazilian and Latin American studies centers and institutes in Columbia, Harvard, Stanford and UIUC.


Annual Reports

Our team

Jorge Paulo Lemann – Chairman
Paulo Lemann
Prof. Dr. Peter Nobel
Peter Graber
Susanna Lemann

Denis Mizne – CEO
Camila Pereira - project director
Flavia Goulart - project director
Anna Laura Schmidt - project manager
Daniela Caldeirinha - project manager
David Boyd - project manager
Elke Klaassen - project manager
Ernesto Faria - project manager
Felipe Proto - project manager
Guilherme Antunes - project manager
Lara Alcadipani - communications manager
Camila Lacerda - communications coordinator
Cristieni Castilhos - project coordinator
Felipe Michel Braga - project coordinator
Fernanda Patriota - project coordinator
Guilhereme Barros - project coordinator
Helena Velloso - project coordinator
João Cossi - project coordinator
Julia Tami - project coordinator
Juliana Cavalcante - project coordinator
Leonardo Correio - project coordinator
Lucas Rocha - project coordinator
Maria Carolina Nogueira - project coordinator
Renata Oliveira - project coordinator
Roberta Loboda - project coordinator
Stefanie Ferracciu - human resources coordinator
Tathiana Reis - project coordinator
Weber Sutti - project coordinator
Fernando Paiva - data specialist
Claudio Azzi - trainee
Isadora Caiuby - trainee
Neimy Escobar - trainee
Victoria Giroto - trainee
Ana Luíza Farage - project analyst
Caio Poli - project analyst
Carlos Uehara - project analyst
Cristina Castellan - project analyst
Erik Takara - communications analyst
Érika Nascimento - project analyst
Henrique Pimentel - project analyst
Gabriela Néspoli - project analyst
Isadora C. Andrade - project analyst
Julia Callegari - project analyst
Lígia Stocche Barbosa - project analyst
Leticia Sakata - communications analyst
Lucas Cardoso Santos - project analyst
Luísa Panico - project analyst
Mariana Fontoura - project analyst
Marina Ribeiro - human resources analyst
Pedro Cimionatto - project analyst
Peter Sonnenberg - project analyst
Priscila Silvério - communication analyst
Samuel Holanda - project analyst
Tiago Maluta - project analyst+
Michelle Oliveira - executive assistant
Caliane Rocha - project assistant
Abidan Henrique - intern
Beatriz Lima - intern
Jessica Oliveira - intern
Jéssika Darambaris - intern
Luciana Elmais - intern
Luís Felipe Moura - intern
Mariana Pereira - intern
Vinícius Bueno - intern

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